Getting Macro Data for a Graphical Map of Active Hotkeys

KM already knows which hotkeys go with which macros – but is there a way to get this data?

Specifically, I'd like to know macro names, ids, groups, and hotkeys for any macro currently active and assigned to a hotkey.

I'd take this data and create a graphical map so I can have a better visual representation of currently available macros.

Imagine something like this but with a way to filter on modifier combinations:

I'd use this map to:
• Build special control schemes for a currently active application*
• Create macro "modes" inside a single application depending on context**
• Clean up unused or outdated macros

*While enabling/disabling macros is available at the macro group level - you still have to remember which groups are for which applications - something that is easily forgotten and hard to find among hundreds of macros. It tough to do because the view is currently very bottom-up.

A more top-down solution would give a wider, more easily accessible bird's eye view.

**Modes would be for situations where sometimes you want to use a different set of macros in a single application.

In a simplified browser application example, you may sometimes want Cmd+R to Reload, and other times you may want it to Rename a bookmark. Changing the mode with a separate macro would allow for this to happen quickly.

You can technically do this now. The problem is that there's no quick way to visualize the hotkeys currently in use. A map would increase visibility and allow you to create modes faster.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I created this topic because it seems like every time I create a macro and assign it to a hotkey - I try to use it and then a Conflict Palette is presented.

I then have to go find and disable or reassign the conflicting macro. If I can get this to happen less often, then I can focus more on macro creation in the moment rather than being distracted by macro management.

Of course I'd prefer something like this to be a KM feature - but in lieu of that happening maybe there's a way to poll this data?

Take a look at KeyCue.

There's also this:

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Very nice! I was able to get that macro to run.

Of particular note to me in that post is:
set end of macroList to name & tab & description of triggers as text

Is there a reference to more attributes like macro group, id, and a way to find out if a macro is currently active?

I tried things like 'id', 'uuid', 'group' and 'macrogroup' etc., but had no luck getting values.

Don't just try things...

Download Script Debugger.

SD Plug

When writing and testing AppleScript on macOS I advise folks to use Script Debugger – even if they don't write much AppleScript.

I've used it for 26 years plus and cannot begin to express how much it changed the AppleScript experience for me.

The commercial version is not inexpensive ($99.99), BUT it reverts to its FREE “Lite” version after a 30 day demo period – and the free version still beats the utter pants off of Apple's long neglected Script

Drop the Keyboard Maestro Editor onto Script Debugger and examine its actual AppleScript dictionary.

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