Getting pixel color

I need to get a pixel color with coordinates in a Pause Until action. When I issue a Get command in KM, the item I target (a 2FA code) in a Safari window disappears. I've also tried to get just the color using an app called Color Picker. No luck with that either. Any suggestions how to get around this problem?

Hm, reading your description, I'm not sure if everything behaves as it should or there is any kind of suspected security problem with your individual use case (and that's why the target item disappears as soon as it feels to be read). Did you try making a screenshot and get the color from there? Or maybe just estimate the color roughly by eye and use the brighter/darker/moreRGB than commands?
If the thing you want to read out is not included on a screenshot, KM might have problem to detect it as well though, so no guarantee... :innocent: