Getting "Preference Shared Sync Write Failed" Error

Hi... Since updating to KM 10.0, I'm getting this error: "Preference shared sync write failed." Not sure exactly what it means (that my macros aren't synced online, I imagine🙂) nor how important it is to my using KM on my Mac. Is this a common error, and how can I fix it? Sorry for being so ignorant on this issue. Thanks!

Me too, any ideas anyone?


That makes 3 of us

I just did a quick search of this forum for the error and this came up:

Even though the title may not sound relevant, you should read the whole thread and try the suggested solution. You never know it might work!

Keep us posted.


easy fix thanks tested on new m1

Fix seems to be working, but not so easy for me. When I tried to recheck the box I got the message "No available window for modal sheet save dialog". I had 3 options to choose from (don't quite remember what they were, something like quit, create new, use existing). When I chose to use the existing, I was given the Finder search dialog to find the file. When I put away that screen, Keyboard Maestro would not stop aksing me to choose an otpion, but it would not accept any of my key presses. I finally force-quite the KB Editor, and all seems OK (for now).