Getting Started with JavaScript for Automation (JXA)

Although this link has been posted in other topics, I wanted to post it to its own topic to make it more visible to potential users.

###JavaScript for Automation (JXA) Resources

For a list of KM Forum topics on learning JXA, do a search like this:
"tags:jxa tags:learning"

This is a list of the key resources I have found useful. If you know of others, please post in a comment below, and I will add to this list.

I have tried to order this list in the order that, to me, is best for learning JXA from scratch. We all learn a bit diferently, so adjust to suit your style/needs. Please post if you have suggestions on learning JXA.

  • I like starting with the videos in the Introduction.
  • You won't be able to understand or remember everything the first time through, but it should help to give you the big picture, and maybe a few concepts.
  • After you have read some of the other references, and played around with JXA for a while, you may find it worthwhile to view the video's again -- I picked up a lot more my second viewing.
  • The same thing goes for the Apple Release Notes. These will be much more meaningful the 2nd or 3rd time you read them (at least it was for me)
  • I am still learning JXA, just like you. So please feel free to post any suggestions/corrections that you may have.

####Important Requirements

  • You must be running at least OS X Yosemite (10.10.3) to use JXA
  • It is best to be running OS X El Capitan (10.11.4), since a number of JXA bugs and enhancements were made. (I'm still not updating to 10.11.5 until I see a number of issues fixed)

For full details, see:
JavaScript for Automation (JXA) Resources

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