Global macro palette appears on startup

Whenever I startup my Mac, the global macro palette opens. Is there a way to keep it from doing that? It’s a minor issue but I’d prefer it stay closed until I call for it.

That’s typically because one or more macros has a trigger set to The Macro Palette Entry is Clicked. Disable that in all your macros, and the global palette should go away.

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The Global Macro Palette should appear if and only if there is some active macro (or macro group) that has a Macro palette trigger.

The Global Macro Palette should stay as an icon until you hover your mouse over it (unless you have turned off the Shrink option in the Global Macro Palette configure in the Palette preferences).

Thank you both for the replies. I got the palette to not open at startup per @iampariah, but now I’m finding a bigger issue which I will post as a new topic unless I find the answer elsewhere.