Global Macro Palette does not appear

The Global Macro Palette does not appear on my screen, neither in full size nor collapsed.

I have the latest update of macOS with two displays displays.

I quit the Keyboard Maestro engine an restarted it but still no Global Macro Palette.

I also created a macro that uses the Show Global Macro Palette. When I tried it no Global Macro Palette appeared.

Is there something that needs to be configure to make this palette appear? How do I get it to appears.

@DTS -

You are not alone; it is a common problem.
For me, too, until I learned.

A similar question was posted on this forum just 7 days ago, so the answer is still fresh.
I offered instructions there, along with a screen print showing what to do.
Link below.
I can’t be sure if that will solve the problem you have, so, if not, please provide more details here.

Thanks, that worked.

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You’re welcome.
I’m happy to help.

Topics like this one, from @DTS, is what encourages me to come back here, and offer help to others.

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