Global Macro Palette Keeps Disappearing


My global palette keeps disappearing. It comes back again if I restart the computer but it goes away again after a couple of hours of use. Closing and relaunching the KM does not help. So restarting the computer is a big pain for me. Any suggestion?

Have you tried relaunching the engine, and not just the application? You can do this from the File menu or the menu bar icon.

There are a number of reasons a palette can disappear…perhaps sharing a little more info about what you’re doing when it disappears would help us troubleshoot the problem for you.


Yes. I closed and relaunched the KM app and Engine too.

What I do with the KM is a batch of mouse movement actions on the Chrome browser screen. Not complicated. Only 3 movements are assigned to the Global Macro Palette.

Are they in a macro group that has conditions?

This is the only reason I could think of.