Global Macro Pallette disappeared... even when editing macros triggered by it

I realise this question has already been asked here:

However the answer doesn't work for me, hence my repost of the same issue.
My issue is the same: the Global Macro Palette has disappeared and I don't know how to get it to appear again. Searching for "global macro palette" only produces results to insert an Action to do this in an existing macro.
According to someone on the thread linked above, the issue is that "The macros that you wish to edit in this way must have a trigger for "Global Macro Palette Entry".
At least temporarily while you are editing back and forth.
Without any active triggers, the Global Macro Palette will not appear at all."
However in my case the Global Macro Pallette doesn't appear even in instances wherein I am editing a Macro that is triggered in this way (by G.M.P. entry), leaving me scratching my head as to how to make the GMP reappear...


If you have manually closed the Global Macro Palette, you need to restart the KM Engine to show it again. Just tested this, and it works.

From the KM Editor:

  • File > Quit Engine
  • File > Launch Engine


EDIT: Tom's solution is better!

There is also an action for that:

Toggle Global Macro Palette <0CB7 200223T045126>.kmmacros (1.5 KB)

Also works when the palette was manually closed.


Ah, so simple. The more you know!