Global Palette Keeps Triggering Macro Palette

Hello Maestros,

I have a strange phenomenon:

I'm using CTRL + Space to trigger my global palette, then opening another palette by pressing the key S

Global palette:

Second palette:

Lately, KM sometimes secretly thinks I triggered the global palette, except that I did not. I don't think, I hit CTRL + Space by accident. Also, the global palette is not visible, but KM triggers the second palette whenever I press the key S.
Esc or closing the second palette by clicking the X doesn't help. I can only get out of this situation by triggering the global palette "again" (this time I shows up) and then pressing ESC.

These are my settings for the global palette:

And these for the second palette:
Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?

Hi @fab1An, please try this setting (red arrow) in your second palette

I set it to

  • Always activated an shows a palette for one action when:
  • None of the (sub-)criteria activated …

Now the second palette shows itself in the list of options
Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-07 um 10.41.00

Result: Pressing the S key does not run the associated Macro Set Status but shows the conflict palette to choose between the Macro and the Macro Group (which makes sense).

So far, it's looking good. The problem did not yet occur again.

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Still no incident. So I just renamed the "Set Status" Macro, so it gets a new Hotkey. Thanks.

I am glad that it works for you :+1:

Late update: It worked for a few days but happened again shortly after. I had to restart the KM engine then, because whenever I pressed the key S it was catched by KM.

Now I see this:

and I'm all like …

@peternlewis ⇢ Please see the above. -ccs

I don't know what any of that means.

Is it resolved in 9.1 or not?

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It did not happen since the update. :+1:
I am very optimistic that it is resolved, if @peternlewis says so in the release notes.
Time will tell, therefor the excited suspense GIF.

I'm sorry for any confusion created by my posting.
I will try to write clearer posts and be less funny.

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It did not happen again since the latest update.

I am very happy.

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