Globe Key on the Apple's New Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

Apple's new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for Mac models with Apple silicon has a 'Globe' key which seems different than the fn key

Other options:

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 01.03.27

If you select 'Do Nothing' then you can assign it to Keyboard Maestro.

Now, unfortunately, it currently shows up as ?

I'm sure @peternlewis will fix that ASAP, but the more interesting news is that this key seems to be available as a shortcut for triggering a Keyboard Maestro macro, which gives some interesting possibilities that I look forward to testing out.

IIRC, we could never assign a Keyboard Maestro macro to just pressing the fn key on previous keyboards.

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If Apple document the key code for it in the relevant header file.

If you let me know the keycode (which you can get from the XML for the macro) I will keep an eye out for it.

This is what I see in the .kmsync file:


This is what Key Codes by Many Tricks reports, in case it's useful:

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Can it be used as Hyperkey?

I haven't tested it extensively, but in what limited testing I did the other day, it did not seem possible using Keyboard Maestro alone… but it might be possible if it is configured in Karabiner Elements.

Maybe I should send one to Terpstra :wink:

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I just remembered this and tested it… I was expecting that we could use the Globe key as a new hyper key, but Keyboard Maestro 10 does not seem to recognize it at all except and unless it is pressed by itself.

Maybe fixed for the next version (I can't test this so I can't be sure, but it can't do too much harm).

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