Gmail Shortcut in Outlook for Mac v16.54

Hi there,

I'm having trouble with a super simple macro (or so I thought). I want to replicate the 'shift+3' (i.e. #) Gmail keyboard shortcut that deletes an email in Outlook for Mac v 16.54.

This is the macro that I've created

The only problem is that sometimes the Macro not only deletes the current message selected but also the next one. I have no idea why it sometimes deletes two emails nor how to stop it.

Any help or advice is much appreciated.

Kind Regards


Hey Aaron,

My best guess is that you're sometimes double-tapping the hotkey by mistake.

Have a look at the Semaphore Lock Action.

Read through that carefully and pay especial attention to:

“You can also cause all additional macro instances to be immediately cancelled by setting a very short timeout (1 hundredth of a second) for the Semaphore Lock Action. When the Semaphore Local Action times out, it cancels the pending execution of that macro instance.”


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Thank you very much Chris - that worked perfectly! Thank you again.