Go to a Specific Folder in Open and Save Dialogs

Is there a way for KM to go to a specific folder in an Open/Save dialog, e.g., if one is in MS Word and has a KM macro to activate the "Open" menu choice, I'd like KM to then have a second step to go to a particular folder in the dialog box from which to then select the file.

In a standard Open/Save dialog, you can type Command-Shift-G, pause, and then Insert Text by Typing a full path, including file name, and then %Return% and that will select a specific directory and file.

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You can also hit the slash key instead of ⌘⇧G. Doesn’t make a difference for KM, but nice to know.

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You can also hit tilde ~

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Good to know, but not wise to use for Keyboard Maestro since you need to pause after the action to allow the sheet to open otherwise keystrokes will be lost, and Command-Shift-G starts with the text fully selected, so the following Insert Text by Typing will overwrite it with the path, whereas / or ~ will start with / or ~ in the field, and the selection afterwards.

So for Keyboard Maestro, the sequence should always be:

  • Command-Shift-G
  • Pause
  • Insert Text by Typing (or Pasting, but generally typing is better for relatively short text to avoid using the clipboard).

If you do this all the time and there are locations you want to go to for specific applications Default Folder X is a great application dedicated saving dialogs. I'd bet it saves me almost an hour a week. There are some hidden shortcuts if you option click on it's settings button that lets you press option+down arrow to navigate through recent folders you have saved to. It is also AppleScriptable to a degree and does a bunch of other great things related to save dialogs, and is constantly updated. At times I have still used Command+Shift+G to automate other processes still.

Of course not a replacement for more specific or complicated string of tasks but a nice complement to Keyboard Maestro I think if needed in conjunction.

I would second default folder x, saves a lot of time and keeps your files more organised.