Go to Finder Front Window in Open/Save Macro

Often I find myself with a Finder window open, and then I want to save a document to that folder from an application. This simple macro will go to the front Finder window within the Open/Save dialog, by typing Command-Shift-G and then typing in the path to the front Finder window using the FinderInsertionLocation token. There is a short pause between the actions to allow the keyboard focus to change after the animation of the windows.

You could use the same technique with a fixed folder path to go to a specific folder if you frequently save files in a set location.

Go to Finder Front Window.kmmacros (1.9 KB)


Nice idea!

Here is a little variant:

Open:Save Helper Macros.kmmacros (5.3 KB)

Basically it does the same, but it gives you also a List Prompt with the recent Finder front windows:

When the prompt comes up the entry field is prepopulated with the path of the current Finder Front window, so it is just 1 Return-key press away. However, if you see that the Finder front window is not what you want, then just hit Escape (to clear the entry field of the List Prompt) and type-select or click-select from the list.

The entry field is populated by a little helper macro that is launched asynchronously. So you may have to ajust some of the Pause values. (Depending on your machine.)

I know, the Finder also offers “Recent Places”, but you cannot really forward-type there.

If you are using the macro, then —over the time— perhaps you may want to add an action to cut down the list when it grows too long :slight_smile:

The Helper macro: