Go to next slide in keynote via the tab key

Hi everyone

I have a quick question.

I show slides in keynote (7.3.1) on mac, in preview mode, and want to go to the next slide whenever i hit the tab key. Somehow this is not working. I tried the following tricks so far:

  1. This hot key ‹tab› → Type the keystroke ‹Enter› (*)
  2. This hot key ‹tab› → Simulate Hardware Key ‹Next›
  3. This hot key ‹tab› → Select or Show a Menu Item → Keynote > Slide > Go To > Next Slide

(*) ‹Enter› goes to the next slide when in preview mode

Any help is much appreciated

If the macro is not working, try using the Assistance window (Help ➤ Assistance) and selecting "Something expected is not happening.

My guess is you are in full screen mode and therefore the hot keys are being processed (the system (sometimes?) restricts the behaviour of hot keys in full screen mode).

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Thank you Peter

I didn’t know about the assistance window. Thank you for highlighting it.

Indeed it says “The Macro Group is Inactive”. Now I’m a bit confused – since I don’t really understand how the group can be inactive. Is this because these are application specific macros (in this case keynote), and the application is in the background?

In Keyboard Maestro, for the most part, the macro group that contains a macro controls when the macro is active.

So check the macro group containing your macro, and see how it is configured. Unless you are explicitly activating/deactivating macro groups, that will be where the issue lies.

Hi Peter
The Macro Group seems to be active

Available in these applications: Keynote
Available in all windows
Always activated

Is there anything else I don’t see?

In that case, leave the Assistance window open, and switch to Keynote.

The window should note the macro group becoming active. And then try triggering the macro.

Thanks for the hint. It works now, it just won’t work in full screen mode. Well then, thank you anyway for your help guiding me through this!