"Go To..." occasionally takes a very long time in Save dialogs

Anyone else had this? It's fine when manually triggered, but when KM is in charge of the Go To... key command (while in Save dialogs), for some reason it can take up to 10 seconds to go to the directory (after adding the path and hitting enter).

Curiously, although you can see it's working on it (it will eventually get there), manually hitting Enter again while you're waiting results in the path being found immediately.

Perhaps there's a way to get KM to simulate Enter a second time if a certain amount of time has elapsed before the next action. Not sure how to do that yet...

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Hey Neil,

Try using the single keystroke β€œ/” instead of βŒ˜β‡§G.

See if that makes any difference.

You can use a type-text action to send β€œ/” + your path without using the Command-key-driven keyboard shortcut, so you can pass the string without having to pause for the dialog to pop up.


That's a lovely little technique I had no idea about and I'll be using that in place of Go To from now on. Much quicker to put together!

Unfortunately I'm getting the same result as before:

(Wasnt sure how to add video here, so went with Imgur :man_shrugging:t2:)

One thing I noticed when I was messing about with automating type-to-Siri was that while KM is pausing, Sir's corner notification window animates very slowly and is a bit juddery. To the uneducated observer (me), it seemed like KM 's constant checking for a condition was interfering with it. I wonder if something similar is happening with this? (In my case I'm pausing for a button to exist before continuing in the save dialog.)

Have you tried having Keyboard Maestro press the β€œGo” button instead of hitting β€œEnter”?

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That was it! Thanks Chris!

That was a sneaky one.

Just to clarify: the way to avoid the issue is to use / rather than the Go To shortcut and press the button rather than hit Enter. So Chris was right both times!

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