Google chrome checkbox


Checkbox id is: file_rejected_33561
Is there a way to click on a checkbox using the part of the checkbox id “file_rejected” ?

Get the XPath for the checkbox. If it has an ID, then the XPath should be trivially just the ID, I think this:


And that can be used in any of the web form actions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work

Peter's XPath didn't work because "file_rejected" is just part of the id.

Try this in an Execute a JavaScript in Browser actions (KM Wiki)

cbElem = document.querySelector('input[id^="file_rejected"]';;

The ^= means "starts with".

Thank you for suggestion, but your variant doesn’t work :frowning:

In that case, you will need to post the URL or the HTML code around the checkbox you want to check, in order for us to be more helpful.