Google Chrome - click link - what link dho

Hi all,

I'm trying to get Keyboard Maestro to click the link that is shown in the attachment. The only trouble is that:

a) the link doesn't appear to have a title

b) the number in the bracket (3 in this example) changes each time the loop repeats.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am I correct in thinking that when the is clicked, it executes some javascript which then shows the page/popup that I want it to show?


Screenshot showing HTML code:

That's fine -- we don't need either of those attributes to identify.

IF this link is the FIRST link in the document to have a class of "tip", then this should work:

document.querySelector('li a.tip').click();

IF it is NOT the first link with that class, then we'll need to see more of the HTML. Having the actual URL would be best.

Just put the JavaScript in a Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action.

I have replaced your link to the screenshot with the actual image. In the future please upload all images. You can just drag the image file to the edit area, or if it is on the clipboard, just paste it.