Google Chrome Load Bookmarks in Tabs

Does anyone have a way to emulate the behavior of Firefox's about:config "browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs: true"?

This allows me to left click on my Bookmark Bar items in a new tab with a left click (not a middle click, right click menu, etc.) The reason for this behavior is because when on a conference call (UberConference, Hangouts, etc.), I occasionally need to click on something I have bookmarked. Without thinking, I'll open it and close my call.

In normal day-to-day operation, this isn't a destructive behavior. While on a conference call, it sets me back several minutes or more.


Hey Elliot,

See the Tab Activate extension for Chrome.


Thanks for looking, CC, but unless I'm missing something, this doesn't do what I need. I want to adjust the left click behavior to be a middle click - or to otherwise open the bookmark bar items in a new tab. I haven't found a Chrome Extension that will do that - I don't think extensions actually can do that - so I looked towards Keyboard Maestro and/or BetterTouchTool.

It sure would be easy if Chrome just had a preference setting like Firefox does. Of would be easier if so many things didn't otherwise work best in Chrome.

I thought this would be a simple thing --- now I want to figure it out just for the sake of figuring it out.

Hey Elliot,

You may or may not get your mouse button to work with a USB Device Key trigger.

That extension I pointed you to will always open links in tabs, although Cmd-Shift-Click will open in a background tab.

If you can get the device-key trigger working then you can play with its modifier keys and perhaps get where you want to go.