{Google Chrome or Safari} versus Front Browser in actions and conditions?

What criteria would be used to decide whether an action or condition should be applied to Google Chrome or Safari on one hand, or to Front Browser on the other? Would Google Chrome or Safari be used when that browser may not be in front, and Front Browser used when we don't care what browser is in use but we know it's in front?

E.g., I'm currently using Google Chrome. But maybe some day I'll switch to Safari as my primary browser, or even if not, use it for specific tasks. So for flexibility I should act on or test the state of Front Browser where that is feasible, right?

Front browser works with Safari and Chromium-based browsers, so stick to that and you should be good. :+1:t3:

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OK, will do, but curiosity strikes: when would an action on one of the two specific browsers be used?

For when you are using Chrome and Safari at the same time.