Google Classroom post command


I'm a teacher and user of Google Classroom. When I am commenting to a student, return will take me to a new line, which is fine and useful. I cannot find, however, any information on what triggers the "post" instruction when I want to end the comment and send it. And the post command moves down the screen. If anyone is aware of a way to shortcut this, I sure would like to know. Searching for this on the web doesn't help either. It doesn't sound like anyone cares really.

On a Mac, in Safari in Catalina (But I'd be surprised if that would make the difference)

Hey Phil,

It's very possible that “Post” can be activate with an Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action, but without access to the page in question it's difficult to say.


Thank you Chris. I looked by my skills are not advanced enough to spot it.

Hey Phil,

You have the Develop menu turned on in Safari?

Once that's on you can right-click on elements in a page to inspect them.


The web developer tools are pretty overwhelming for the initiated, but that's where you start.


Thank you Chris. I didn't think/or forgot about the right-click. It highlights the element, which I think is the graphic in front - after that are a lot of Js items that I don't get.

Yeah, that's nasty...

Dumb question – you've tried the gamut of Command-Keys + Return or Enter to try to find a keyboard shortcut for “Post” – yes?


Yeah. Not a dumb q at all. I thought when I was on my laptop having exhausted the combinations, that it might be the enter key. But that's not it either. Thought it may have been a "I'm only going to play nice in Chrome" thing, but I just tried it, and it's not.