Google Drive Cannot Sync

Hi, We have 20 or so iMacs running KM and syncing via Google Drive. One only 1 of the iMacs, Google Drive shows an error Stating:

Can't sync 1 file:
Cannot remove because conflicting changes are still pending. Please retry once complete.
Download Error - KeoboardMaestro/Keyboard Maestro Macros.kmsync

Does anyone have any suggestions on troubleshooting this one iMac? Syncing works brilliantly on every other iMac in our studio.

Sorry, I may have fixed the issue. I uninstalled KM (after noticing that the application was running from the Downloads folder), re-installed Google Drive, signed back in and it was able to sync the macros file. Then I re-installed KeyboardMaestro (and dropped it into the Applications folder) and for now everything appears to be syncing properly.

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