Google Earth Pro

I'm trying to do a seemingly simple thing in KM: Select an address in Safari (or any other app), have KM copy the address, open Google Earth Pro, paste the address into the search field, hit return to initiate the search.

With a few pauses to deal with slow complete opening of Google Earth Pro, this all works, but not reliably. The problem is that there's no menu item for Search in Google Earth Pro. When it is first started, a Tab will select the Search field in Google Earth Pro, but otherwise the search field is not really selectable.
Has anyone tackled this?

The version of Google Earth I can install on my 2012 MacBook Air running macOS Mojave is (64-bit).

This critter is not that old: Thu, Dec 29, 2022 10:32:21 PM UTC.

Unfortunately it's pretty crude, and accessibility for the app's search field is broken – that nixes an AppleScript UI-Scripting solution.

I think you're going to have to use found image actions.


I used click relative to the corner of the window to get the search box. That works reliably.

So, the whole thing is
copy (the address in the first app, Safari in my case)
open or switch to Google Earth Pro
click relative to the corner of the window (to get into the Search box without relying on tab)
select all
paste (replaces any address in the Google Earth Pro search box with the address I want to look up)
return (same as the Search button)