Google Group Email Address Won't Connect to Mac Mail - Solutions?

Hello! I can best explain what I need by explaining what I am trying to accomplish -

I have a google group email address. It is just like any other domain email address. I am trying to trigger macros by scripts that are triggered by emails. I got the script for the email part down. My issue is, I can not get my google group account in my mac mail. Any ideas on how to get around it?

Does anyone know a way I can get my google group email in mac mail?

Thanks in advance!


A Google Group is not an email account.

Google groups are attached to the Gmail Account from which you subscribed to them – although with a little moxie you can subscribe a non-gg account.

If you have a normal POP or IMAP or Gmail or Exchange email account you should not have any major problems setting it up in Mail – although you may have to tweak some of the settings manually.

Who is your provider?

And what exactly is the problem? Where are you bogging down?

Good morning @ccstone. This is another one of things issues best explained by letting you know my situation. I actually got word back from my company that this is going to be a bit more difficult to navigate.

A lot of the macros I am building out or looking to build out will revolve around email. I was hoping my company would create a separate email address to allow for the control of what comes in and out instead of my normal work address that has emails come in from different coworkers/vendors/leadership etc, at all times of the day. I have less control over my inbox because of my normal day to day.

Thus, I asked IT to create me a new email address that I can dedicate to KM and automation. They were hesitant to give me a new email addy, instead, they created that google group and assigned an email address to it. BUT, I can not use it to log into Apple Mail - which is how I thought I needed to run the mail based macros.

Today, I learned they won't be giving me another email address. All I have to work with is this google group (or my personal work email). Another reason I want to stray away from my personal is because the entire initiative becomes centralized with me. People get promoted, change functions, move on from companies... I think it is a bad idea for the process to die with me, should I ever move on from this role.

Is there an alternative? Do you have any ideas?

Is your company email account a Gmail one? AFAIK, Google (and most other mail providers, even gasp MS) honour the username+thing@... format, where something sent to will go to the nige_s Gmail account while keeping the "To" header as nige_s+automation@....

You then use the extra bit of the "To" header in the rule to filter your emails, fire of AppleScripts, etc.

The downside is that it doesn't help with continuity over role changes, etc. The only decent solutions to that are role-based addresses that forward to personal accounts or, and much better, role-based mailboxes where you can control over who access them.

You can auto-forward Google Group messages to your email address (and could use the username+thing@... format above to do the filtering in your own account) but I think you need to be a Workspace admin to set it up so that'll mean getting your IT guys involved. Have a google on "auto-forward from google group" for examples (and don't be put off by the fact they're mainly for hell-desk submissions!).

Yes Sir, thank you for the reply here as well.

I am using the mail situation you're helping me with as a template for triggering based off subject lines, etc.

IT has not been very willing in this KM venture of mine. So I had to do what you mentioned above.