Google Image Search by Screen Region or Finder [Macro: KM10]

Purpose: Perform Google Image Search by Screen Region or selected files in Finder


This Google Image Search solution does not require other application to function (eg Python, Alfred). It is developed to be used as seamless and intuitive as possible. It use the default application to open the URL.

The Trigger key is Shift+Ctrl+Meta+I with the following behavior upon Trigger:

  • If Finder is the front application
    Selected image files will be used for Google Image search.
    However if long-pressed Meta key, it will trigger Screen Region Capture for Image Search instead.
  • For other applications,
    Screen Region Capture for Image Search will be activated.

Screen Region Capture:

  • Before using it, make sure the temp image directory that is used to store captured image is created (see the Red Action in the following image).
  • If capture need to be cancelled, just press ESC key or single click to cancel.


[KAP] Google Image Search by Screen Region or Finder.kmmacros (29.7 KB)

Version 1.1.1

  • Rename temp-image.jpg to image.jpg as this appears in Search input Field


  • Open URL in Default Application
  • Display message if there is no selected image file in Finder if trigger activated

Very nice macro. Thanks!

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This is defunct now; have you managed to get it working with Google Lens?

Got it working:

Reverse Image Search.kmmacros (57 KB)

Macro screenshot

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It's broken again. :disappointed: