Google Sheets: Copy cells into a text file template

I'm attempting to streamline my eBay listing process and I have no idea where to start. I currently inventory all items into a Google Sheet and manually copy each cell into a specific place within a text template that I created. Then I paste that template into the description of my eBay listing.

That text template looks like this (Any text/number in italics is copied from it's own cell on the spreadsheet):

7 For All Mankind Slimmy Womens 12 Denim Jeans Dark Wash Blue Skinny Distressed Destroyed

Size: 12

Waist: 13 inches (Double for circumference).

Inseam: 27 inches (Crotch to bottom hem).

Rise: 9 inches (Crotch to front waist).

Leg Opening: 6 inches (Double for circumference).

Material: Please see photos.

Condition: Good pre-owned condition. Gently worn. Please see photos for detailed condition.

Ideally, I would want each row (a unique item in inventory) in the spreadsheet to open its own text file rather than have one text file with all rows in it. I honestly don't know which option would be better in practical application. The maximum number of rows in a spreadsheet is 40.

Where do I start?

I'd be willing to hire someone to help me write this macro and others, such as reading the google sheet and copying that data straight into my eBay listing. This first macro idea is kind of version 1 and my first baby step towards automation of repetitive tasks. My idealistic goal is to have a couple macros that would create my entire eBay listing for me (from reading my inventory spreadsheet) to where I just need to add the photos and review the listing before submitting.