Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races Statistics

Are there any KM users out there who play Gran Turismo 7 (PS4/PS5)? Specifically, people who play the online Daily Races?

I have a KM macro set that I use to capture statistics from those races. Here's the Custom HTML Prompt:

I'm wondering if there are an KM users who would be interested in using something like this? And if so, would you be willing to work with me to make it usable by people other than myself?

This would require a lot of time and effort on both our parts.

So don't agree to help unless you're willing to be committed, and willing to put in the work.

It also requires macOS Monterey or higher.

I'm guessing there isn't anyone who plays GT7, uses KM, has Monterey or higher, and is interested. But I thought I'd see, so here we are.

Click here for details of how this works

Sony has a free application called "PS Remote Play", which you run on your Mac to attach to your PS4/5. I use KM to launch it, and then I "scrape" this screen:

... to OCR my DR/SR letters, and examine the DR progress bar to get the progress as a percentage. (Yellow boxes in the picture above.)

Then the macro quits the PS Remote app, and launches my Custom HTML Prompt to allow me to enter the rest of the information (the pink-ish section in the middle):

In the pink-ish section in the middle, I enter my Start and End position, whether I got a CRB (Clean Race Bonus), and a comment if I want. When I hit Enter or click the OK button, it updates the statistics and graph.

The data is saved in JSON format to a file. Originally I just had it in a KM variable, but it started to get large, so now I use a file on disk.

For anyone who cares, the graph on the top and the stats table on the bottom are generated using Google's Line Chart API, and Google's Table Chart API (both are free).

Also, I couldn't get KMs OCR to work on this screen, even though the DR/SR letters are nice and big, so instead I used some macOS Monterey "Shortcuts" to do the OCRing, and it works great.


I don't. I'm not. But that screenshot is almost enough to change my mind!

That's beautiful, Dan -- Congrats!


Thanks! That's actually one of the reasons I posted this here. There aren't a lot of people in the world who would appreciate it like us KM users do. So there's a little bragging going on, but I agree it's beautiful (with a few warts), and it took a lot of work.

So I guess what I'm saying is, thanks for appreciating my art! :stuck_out_tongue:


When I saw one of your KM videos the other day, I also stumbled across the racing video. It seems that you approach car racing the same way you approach advanced Mac automation: At a high level, systematically and with a certain contagion factor.


Thanks. I thought I had replied to this, but something must have happened to the reply. Maybe I forgot to actually save it.

Anyway, some might just call it "obsessive". :joy: It's the result of having been a software engineer all my life. It's also how I approach my YouTube channel The Newbie Woodworker, (although I haven't posted a new video in a while because I'm "taking a break".)

I appreciate that you noticed! :slightly_smiling_face: