Growl window affecting mouse click on screen image condition

I think there is a bug, when we use the growl and the growl window is over the screen image condition that we are looking for KM does not action the mouse click macro on the screen image condition. Instead the whole macro process cancels. How can we overcome this problem?

Hey Ali,

That’s not a bug.

Notifications are part of the screen when they are showing.

The only way around that I can think of is to use find-image to use Pause Until → Found Image is NOT on the Screen.

Take a screenshot of part of the notification that is consistent, and use that as your image.


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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response, is there a way to get the Growls to always display on the bottom right hand corner of the screen?

Thank you

Hey Ali,

I don’t know. I’m not using Growl, and for that matter Keyboard Maestro is most likely going to remove support for it in the next major release (because it is not being kept up-to-date by its developers).

You can prowl through Growl’s settings yourself to see what the options are.

There definitely is no way to do this with OSX notifications.