GUI glitches (second time)

This is the second time in about a week (it has never happened before then) that I've had KM show me some glitchy UI stuff. Here's are three examples. The first action is what it should look like (and indeed I obtained the image using KM's "Copy as Image" feature. While the second image is what I actually see (using CMD CTRL SHIFT 4 to get that image).

Here's another glitched one: (a fairly empty and disabled action, but it still got glitched. Underneath the white box it says "is OPEN"))

and another one: (so you can see the glitch appears for many different action types) (I painted over some personal account strings with green pixels, which also made the image come out dark grey.)

There were more examples but this captures the essence of the issue.

Last time I had this issue rebooting and restarting KM and the engine didn't help. So I thought outside of the box (pun intended) and I can now fix this by "copying" each action directly below it. The new copy has no glitch, the original copy keeps the glitch. But this is a silly approach because I don't want to fix hundreds of glitches this way. Last time it happened the glitches disappeared after about 30 minutes. So far I still have them, despite restarting KM and the engine at least twice.

P.S. I'm not trying to give KM a bad rap. I love this program. The last time I had this glitch, about a week ago, I was running 8.0.4 now I'm running 8.0.5 and the glitch remains. If Peter wants to delete this thread, preferably after it's fixed, that's fine.


I see this too and have not been able to found out why?


I have a feeling it is related to the latest High Sierra update (10.13.3) as I do not recall to have seen it before this update.

I’ve experienced this overlapping behavior before on macOS Sierra although unfortunately I cannot remember what triggered it. It’s only happened once.

True, it might be related to an OS update, but if so, why would making a copy of the action cause the new copy to omit the glitch? If the copy is a perfect copy then an OS glitch should affect them both. Since both are NOT affected I’m inclined to think it’s a KM bug.

I don’t know how or when this glitch happens, but it will be related to the layout and animation system Keyboard Maestro uses internally, which is why the behaviour will change depending on a variety of things, such as the window size, exact actions used, scroll bars, initial window state, and the exact sequence of actions you use in getting to that point.

Usually I can resolve them if I can duplicate them, but that requires a specific sequence of actions that generate the issue.

Understood. I just try to help by reporting, even if my report isn’t perfect and I can’t reliably repeat it.

I managed to get a duplicated case of this issue.

It looks to be a system bug, the erroneously displayed text field is in a hidden container and should not be displayed (indeed, when I pause the code in Xcode and display the view, the container and erroneous text field do not appear at all).

I have worked around the issue for the next version by removing the container entirely and putting it back when it is unhidden. Hopefully this will not introduce any new bugs!

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Great work. Thanks.

I empathize because sometimes when I write a KM macro I try to diagnose a bug by turning on the debugger, and occasionally that affects timing, so the bugs don’t happen. So I empathize. :smile: