GUI glitches

This afternoon I'm experiencing lots of mysterious GUI glitches in my KM macros, like this one: (the Switch and Execute Shell actions seem to be the most affected, although I use lots of those.)

As you can see there is an odd text entry box, which is NOT clickable, but underneath the box is an actual line that says "is < 10" and the filed containing 10 is clickable but always hidden.

I've minimized and maximized the actions, relaunched the KM engine, I've relaunched the KM GUI, and I've rebooted. None of these things have fixed the problem. However as I write this message the number of these glitches has dropped down, and right now I can't see any remaining. I don't know what fixed it. I contemplated not posting this message but decided it was still worth posting even though it seems to be fixed now. I'm using v8.0.4.

The Keyboard Maestro Engine has nothing to do with any display glitches in the editor.

If you can find any way to reliably create a glitch in the Keyboard Maestro editor, I am happy to hear about it.