Hard Quit Stop Cancel the Keyboard Maestro ENGINE with KeyStroke

We try to prevent it but sometimes it happens, that I run into a Deadloop with the effect, that I can no longer control my mouse.
Even made macros with keystrokes for the “chancel all macros” will not work anymore.
The only thing I can do is a HARD POWER OFF on the Mac!

Question: Have you a Keystroke or any other way to Stop the Keyboard Maestro ENGINE (!) or cancel ALL ALL ALL Keyboard Maestro ENGINE(!) activities ?

Thank you !


See the How do I cancel a running Macro? user manual topic.

You can cancel all running macros by holding all the modifiers (Control, Option, Shift and optionally Command) and clicking on the Keyboard Maestro Status Menu Icon.

You can cancel a specific macro by choosing Cancel from the Status Menu menu and selecting the macro. This is also a useful way of seeing what macros are currently running, if any.

You can also see and cancel macros by choosing Start Debugging from the Status Menu menu.

And finally, you can use the Cancel All Macros, Cancel Other Macros, Cancel This Macro, or Cancel Just This Macro actions.

In desperation, you can quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine from the status menu, and you can launch the editor while holding all the modifiers down to quit all running engines and not launch the engine.


Hey Christian,

You got bit eh?

Everyone who uses Keyboard Maestro should have a keyboard-driven Kill-All-Maros Macro.

I learned that the hard way long ago and have advocated it ever since.

The macro has saved me a lot of trouble several times and completely saved my bacon once.


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