Hardware input other than the keyboard

I would like to have a set of buttons which I can use with Keyboard Maestro. I can't remember shortcuts (option, shift, command, T).
I would like to write the function onto the button like: next, undo, duplicate, forward etc.
What do you recommend?
The P.I. Engineering hardware (X-keys) are real nice except their software (ControllerMate) introduces many problems with my computer. They are a PC company and only have one person running the MAC software.
Thank you very much,

A lot of people around here seem to like Stream Deck , but I've never use one.

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JMTX is correct. Definitely get a StreamDeck XL. I could sell you my X-Keys 64 if you'd like. :slight_smile:

Why use ControllerMate? Keyboard Maestro should be able to detect most any XK buttons and trigger macros using the USB Device Key trigger.

Exactly. When I discovered that KM could replace ControllerMate I think I did 15 backflips! That worked wonderful for about a year. Then, when the KM Stream deck support was implemented, I bought one. It’s lovely.


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