Has anyone ever tried turning an old iPad linked by cable to the Mac, into a completely customizable KBM (on Mac Os) 'hard palette', as described in the latest TidBITS?

As described in https://tidbits.com/2019/11/10/sal-soghoian-reveals-macoss-hidden-custom-control-panels/
Could open up a whole new venue for KBM.
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Sal Soghoian talked about this on Automators #36 if people would like to hear more:


There's an extensive discussion going on about this at:


thank you !

thanks !

Metagrid is also a nice option for old ipads. And works over wifi. No luna or coding required.


thank you. I ordered the Luna display last week.

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The explanations in his article are a little bit confusing.
I prepared the following . Just in case it's useful for you.
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I got this far, and can see the panel. It’s just a blanc panel when I open it. I’ve put Sal’s panel in the directory mentioned, but is doesn’t show, not even for custom panels.

I’ve finally imported Sal’s panel into the default and now it does work (somewhat)

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Been thinking a lot about this, between this and Sidecar in general. Not to open an old wound, but the Keyboard Maestro Control iOS app would be a far far superior solution, since I've already done 90% of the work and it would require no overhead of my old Mac mini. Peter, I know it's not what you want to hear :smile:, but I would PAY for a separate iOS app, as an optional upgrade for users like me.


Pardon my ignorance. I was very disappointed with the limitations of Siri shortcuts even with iOS 13. Do you think that an iOS version of the keyboard maestro could do better?
I am just asking. I am completely ignorant in these matters.

In which os ?

macOS Catalina

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curious to hear what you are disappointed with in iOS13? I've found shortcuts starting to approach the functionality it needs to have, be it with some obvious limitations. Also, as iOS 13 is still new, the app integrations are not there yet and we will probably only see the ful potential of the current build in early spring of 2020.

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It’s possible. For the time being, I find the scope of what is possible with Siri shortcuts very limited.

The basic implementation of the existing KM iOS app is very straightforward. You can open up a list of macros on your iPhone or iPad, and trigger those macros to act on your computer from the iOS device. I believe it's gotten very buggy because it hasn't been worth Peter's resources to update it. If there were to be an updated version, especially one where you could quickly define the size/look/feel, the way we can already do with Palettes, it would be a GREAT solution to sit next to my Mac, especially when using certain Mac apps that can benefit by additional off-screen controls.

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I’ve been using an app called Keymand on my old iPad and it works really well, it's connected with a 30 pin cable.
I'm still using Mojave so can't take advantage of the new Catalina options, so I've set up a few KeyboardMaestro shortcuts but I’m sure I’m not getting anywhere near it’s full potential.
Having looked at Sal's instructions, I think Keymand is much easier to set up, but I may be missing some points.

Hope this helps someone.


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‎Keymand is a $20 app (IAP) that hasn't been updated in over a year. Not overly encouraging.

$20 is still way cheaper than Luna Display or Duet and it did give me a use for my old iPad 2nd Gen running iOS9.3.6, so definitely worth it to me. I do have Luna Display (and Duet), but use it mainly on my MacBook Pro while travelling.

I did contact the developer at one point, he responded quickly and was very helpful, I'd guess he just doesn't feel the need to update something that is working well.

Duet is $10, and has been updated over a dozen times in the past 12 months.

I know Duet offers some additional IAPs, but I don't think they're required for the basic “use as a second display” functionality.

It also says that it works with “All iPhones and iPads with iOS 7.0 and later” so it seems like it would work with your old iPad too.

Not saying that Keymand is bad, but I think Duet is a better investment.

YMMV, of course.