Has anyone used Keyboard Maestro while using the Apple Vision Pro?

Has anyone used Keyboard Maestro while using the Apple Vision Pro? (either the editor, or just macros in KM.) It's a factor in my decision to purchase one when it goes on sale in my country soon (see schedule below.) Has anyone actually written any macros that were specifically intended to be useful in this hardware?

Naturally, I'm not talking about any macros running natively in VisionOS, I'm just talking about running KM's Editor and the macros in the "Mac Virtual Display" app which copies your Mac's screen ("Sonoma" is required; possibly "Sequoia" may be required if your AVP runs VisionOS 2) into the Vision Pro environment.

KM generally requires a mouse and a keyboard to edit macros. I believe VisionOS has a good mouse-like interface using your eyes and your pinched fingers (but apparently VisionOS v2 adds mouse support) but I haven't heard a lot of good things about its typing interface. So maybe it's not too great for the KM Editor.

Apple Vision Pro Release Schedule
June 28: China, Japan, Singapore
July 12: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom

Apple Intelligence is NOT accessible using the Apple Vision Pro, but using the Mac Virtual Display app, it very well might be available there.

It would be hilarious to use Apple Vision Pro to run Mac Virtual Display while your Mac is running iPhone Mirroring. This way you could have your iPhone screen practically filling the room. I came up with this scenario on my own, not from the various online pundits.

I'm also very curious to find out whether VisionOS requires a Mac with a landscape Main Monitor, or whether VisionOS can display a Mac Main Monitor that's in portrait mode. Can anyone test and find out?