Have action in macro run for certain amount of time?


i am not that experienced with Keyboard Maestro but I have used windows-based hotkey applications like autohotkey. In autohotkey there is a sleep function that has something run for a certain amount of time. Is there any equivalent in keyboard maestro?

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is sleep = a pause between actions
or sleep = wait to run an app or process for X amount of time?

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Based on this description:

the action you're looking for is:

This will sleep for a designated time. Time can be specified in hundredths of a second, seconds, minutes, or hours. AutoHotKey's is in milliseconds so divide by 10 for hundredths.

Keyboard Maestro does not support the Sleep -1 functionality (not sure why it would need to)

If you're waiting for something instead of sleeping, checking if that happened, then sleeping again, you can use Pause Until which can wait for a large number of different type of events to occur then resume. You can click the gear in the right corner of the action to set a timeout on how long it will wait so it's not an infinite loop.