Have time to make edits over the next two weeks - ending 28 April, 2018

I’m on the road and stuck in hotel rooms for much of the next two weeks - on a business trip.

I could use the time constructively, if there were some jobs worth doing on the wiki. Nothing too heavy, please. Assume a high degree of technical competence and a good (but not perfect) working knowledge of KM.

Clearly everyone thinks the wiki is awesome :slight_smile:

One option would be to extend the Videos page. People occasionally ask about videos, and the best I can suggest is to search on YouTube. A more curated solution on the wiki would be nice.

I hope your trip (mostly over now I see) went well - I was on holiday myself last week which was very pleasant!

Actually I’ve moved from Singapore to Korea for this week. Next week back in the UK.

@MTX gave me some public “schooling” in how to update the wiki properly. Not wowed by hard-coded section numbers BTW.

Next time I do some Mac automation I’ll consult the wiki with a critical / editorial eye…

… But now the sun’s come out in Seoul and I don’t have any more customer meetings today I’m off out, sightseeing… :slight_smile:

Cheers, Martin

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