Having problems with using Remote Trigger reliably

I've been having issues getting remote triggers to work reliably. Sometimes they work, and times I need to delete the trigger and re-create it to get them to work. Today nothing would make my remote YouTube download work remotely, so I tried turning off the Keyboard Maestro's web server checkbox and turning it on again...and it magically started working, but only once. My goal is to "fire" some actions on my work iMac from remote locations on iOS devices.

When I run the trigger URL in my browser, I sometimes see a 1 returned in the browser, sometimes a 2, and sometimes a 0. Is this useful information for debugging this?

EDIT I just rebooted the computer and my Mac promptly began the command I'd asked it to execute. Is there a "best practice" for making Remote Trigger work better in more situations?

Hi @ppayne, I myself use Siri shortcuts for this either with an SSH script (on the same network).

or via iCloud Drive when I'm on the road.

Both work reliably for me.

So is that using the remote trigger, accessing a specific URL to cause the macro to begin on the main computer? The issue is that sometimes the scripts don't get the message to begin the macro, even when I run the URL in a browser on that very computer. Sometimes restarting makes it work, other times it works well, but sometimes the computer ignores the trigger URLs.

Also maybe you should hide that script URL?