Hazel & Keyboard Maestro & LaTeX PDF export via Skim

Give me a hand , please !
Does anyone know how to make reference Hazel’s matched file paths in a KM macro?
I will set myself the goal of doing with Keyboard Maestro via Hazel which to launch PDF file in particular folder that making from LaTeX compilation.
My circumstance is Mac OSX10.12.6 TeXLive2018 with UltraEdit.app( ver.18) .
I use almost same environment with BBEdit, I can compile LaTeX to PDF viewing via Skim from BBEdit Latex.bbpackage.
But unfortunately with UltraEdit, compilation from LaTeX to PDF is perfect but I need to push command again that via UltraEdit Tool > command.

Where I put my command file to call Skim.app push PDF file, Just a primitive command file.
[cd /Users/WAKAMATSU/Documents/2019/UltraEdit_folder/
open -a skim.app pdflatex-test.pdf], so this is.

This command file is too much limited about PDF file's name.
When I want to compile another tex-file, I can not use same behaviour on these occasions.
[Before using this command file, I made a (kind of macro) for Keyboard Maestro to get and display it's pdf file via Skim. ]
Yesterday, I receive an answer from UltraEdit-User-Forum that JavaScript engine perform the function of UltraEdit.I need not throw cold water on UltraEdit application with some other function on.

What kind of programming could I use or should I use ??
NA ? Hazel ? Keyboard Maestro ??
They have seemingly endless possibilities for applying, are not they ?????
(Bizarre Idea are came over.)
[ I hope those explanations helps. ]

#01 :
So my planning and operations are via Hazel and Keyboard Maestro, It will be able to get the latset PDF file to pick up from Particular Folder and excepting another .pdf files.
[#01 : problem ]
I am afraid I have not enough accumulation of knowledge for a matter of choice
with Hazel or Keyboard Maestro.

#02 :
When I can get latest PDF like a name [XXX-YYY.pfd], I would like to open it with Skim.app.
[#02 : problem ]
I do not know coordination with Keyboard Maestro how should be available for the realization.
-------------------------------- [LMK] -------------------

[#03 : problem ]
My big problem is I do not know about choice method from under different type of extention.
------------------------------[ au secours ]----------------------------------------

I need to pick-up only lattermost PDF file.
This file name should have to send and rewrite the naming from [pdflatex-test.pdf ] in a skim-open.command file to like a specified name [XXX-YYY.pdf] and save changes and exit.
(pdflatex-test.pdf -------->> XXX-YYY.pdf)

At the moment, I keep all my files[.pdf, .aux, .synctex.gz, .log, .toc, .out ] in a same particular Folder( e.g. : UltraEdit_folder ). Just I get down to learn this year, how to use Hazel & Keyboard Maestro macros.
Would really appreciate if someone could help for first-timers .

With kind regards,
WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

Hi @boehmflute, and welcome to the Keyboard Maestro Forum.

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Dear Mr. KMichaelTX,

Thanks a lot for your indications.

After my posting I had too much things include in.
Please correct my sentences where problematic structure.

Excuse for my trouble and qualm.

Yours, WAKAMATSU (boehmflute)