Help! Cannot use the W key anymore!

I have created a macro that is triggered by tapping TWICE the W key:

NoW I cannot type anymore the loWercase W character ONCE (only uppercase W With Shift+W)!

This happens also even if I activate another app - e.g. Finder or Safari -


The only remedy I have found, was to create a macro that types the letter W when pressing the W key:

But that blocks my previous macro to activate the app - so it's a no-go!

the issue is that KM doesn't know when are you going to type the second W.
It can't see ahead.

Try adding a modifier to your first macro.


So my only option was to add a modifier key:


Now it works perfectly.

Shouldn't KM be able to intercept a key that is tapped twice in a short period of time?

Thanks, that's what I have done.

The issue is that KM, with your first macro, it is remapping the W key to wait for it to being tapped twice.
So, you need to have some sort of way to also timeout your new macro, to be able to type the W as usual.

There are some threads with macros that do this, let me see if I can find them


Check this thread:


Thanks for the explanation. When I eat a Christmas cookie then nobody else can eat it anymore. I have empirically verified this hypothesis. Maybe quantum mechanics will come to another conclusion.