Help creating hotkey combo for ROAM RESEARCH

I don't see that anybody else has this need or interest, but would be shocked if many were not already finding Roam Research tool immensely useful. It would be far more useful to me (running it in Opera) to have a universal key combo to call up a text entry field and then send automatically to TAB #2 where Roam lives and paste it in the INBOX (or other user-created and designated) folder.

I don't know how, after getting the cursor into the Roam tab, to tell that page where to go in its structure and append or prepend my line of text.

Maybe this is not possible. I know it is not for me, but I confess to being more a follower than a leader on most computer-tech forums I frequent. Any help for me will likely help others too! Thanks.

Well this query did gain the distinction of being the only one in living memory that garnered exactly ZERO looks on this vary active forum. Moving on...had hoped for help. Given all the buzz re Roam Research these days, I am surprised this gained no interest.

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I'm using both KM and Roam but I'm very early with both. My guess would be something like:

  1. Focus on Roam or Open the URL of the inbox you have designated

  2. Focus on the field of text

  3. Keystroke to get to the bottom or top of a note?

I can't figure out what the keystroke would be because the normal ones are taken for navigating in and out of bullets etc. You could try the mouse scroll wheel action or something like this.

@fred1st Have you seen this video?