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I'm trying to create a macro that will end a FaceTime call (whether audio only or audio+video) on macOS Big Sur. The end call command is, sadly, not a menu item in the FaceTime app's menu bar, so I can't simply use the system's custom keyboard shortcut feature.

Basically the macro would just need to press the end button in the FaceTime app. Ideally it could be triggered globally, though if it only worked when the FaceTime app was in the foreground that would still be helpful.

The problem I'm happening seems to be getting the right window in focus. It's also hard to test because I need to be on a call to test it. :blush:

Was wondering if anyone on this forum has solved this one already and would be willing to share their macro or insights?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey @Nic,

I don't have my hands on Big Sur, so I can't examine the problem directly.

I'd look at two things.

  1. Has Apple finally added AppleScript to FaceTime? (I doubt it.)
    ⠀⠀- If so can it terminate a call?

  2. Terminate the FaceTime process.

  3. Use AppleScript's UI-Scripting to bring the app to the front and press the appropriate button. (If Keyboard Maestro doesn't see the button.)


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In macOS Mojave, pressing ESC ends the call for me.
If that works in Big Sur, then you could have the KM Macro:

  1. Activate FaceTime
  2. Type of Keystroke of ESC

Let us know if that works for you.

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Hi Chris @ccstone and @JMichaelTX,

Sorry to take a few days to reply – I thought I'd receive an email notification or something when someone replied and, when I didn't, I assumed that there had been no replies.

In response to Chris:

No, it hasn't. Worth checking though.

Hmm, interesting. Seems pretty drastic. Makes me a little uneasy but perhaps that's irrational. Would that prevent new calls coming in? Anyway, probably not necessary to look into as your point 3 seems like it has more potential.

You're probably right. Resorting back to AppelScript is what I nearly always end up doing so I'll probably have to give it a go. It will still be tricky though as on Big Sur when a call is in progress the UI for the call and the end button seems to be in a separate system dialog or notification thing – a bit like what they're doing on iOS with the efficient UI / calls coming in as notifications rather than full size windows. So trying to work out how to identify the window of FaceTime or system dialog and how to identify the button will be tricky because I'll need to do all the testing while on the phone to someone. But sounds like I just need to pull my socks up (or, better yet, take them off completely) and do the hard work.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Pressing escape doesn't end the call in Big Sur, even when the right dialog/window is in focus. Thanks for the suggestion though.