Help creating short date with leading zeros? I've read and read

Hi, I’m finding KM difficult sometimes and assume it’s me, but I can’t find a way to do this simple task. I found myself reading pages about ICU and scripting, and can’t believe this task is that complicated all I want to have happen is this date and format:


and another one with the year, like:


I used Insert Text by pasting and tried by typing and I get:


I have been trying different things like adding a Token, but not knowing exactly what that does and now the short date doesn’t even work without leading zeros even though I’ve gotten rid of the ICU token

and just have:

Insert Text ‘%ShortDate%’ by Pasting
Insert text by pasting

And this used to work but now I get a long date:

February 4, 2015

I created that with the KM Macro.

I’m lost. Will someone help?


If you want a specific format of the current date, use the ICUDateTime token.

In the Keyboard Maestro Help menu, select ICU Date Format Reference for a description of the format.

Assuming you are talking about Feb 4, 2015, then the formats you want are:

02/04 - MM/dd (ie, ***%ICUDateTime%MM/dd%***)
02/04/15 - MM/dd/yy (ie, ***%ICUDateTime%MM/dd/yy%***)

As you are usually typing text then use insert text by pasting with a trigger that is meaningful eg zxdl gives this for me Sun 17May2015 16:37:39. You then just choose which bits you want.