Help ! getting hundreds of KBM Chrome error messages / notifications!

I was working on a macro which clicked on radio buttons in a google form.
The macro is NOT even active (X marked top right).
All of a sudden, I am getting hundreds of notifications non stop despite closing Chrome, quitting the KBM engine and exiting KBM
Thanks very much


Have you tried a restart of your Mac?

That should stop the continuous error notifications.

Then view the KM Engine Log for clues.

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Follow the instructions as described in the message, also documented at Allow JavaScript From Apple Events assistance.

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thank you grand master !

thank you for your suggestions. Rebooting did not solve the problem. As soon as I logged back in the shower continued.
Peter posted the solution:
from KBM help

Allow JavaScript From Apple Events

In order to control Safari or Chrome you may need to Allow JavaScript from Apple Events. Otherwise the various browser actions may fail.

In Safari, you must first enable the Develop menu by choosing Preferences from the Safari menu, changing to the Advanced panel, and enabling β€œShow Develop menu in menu bar”, and then choosing Allow JavaScript from Apple Events from the Develop . You can then turn off the Develop menu if desired.

In Chrome, you must choose Allow JavaScript from Apple Events from the Developer sub-menu in the View menu.