Help: Making a bad macro better

Because chrome apparently has a bug, I can't copy RTFD text via macos services to Scrivener. To do it anyway, I use a stupid method via sticky notes.

I have a macro that works, but wonder if there isn't a better way with KM. Can KM „internaly copy/paste“ the text from the clipboard so that it remains RTFD?

My macro does the following:

  1. copy the selected text (in chrome)

  2. bring sticky notes to front and go into a specific note

  3. select all (this deletes already existing text when pasting)

  4. paste

  5. select all (new text)

  6. transfer via macos services to Scrivener

It's about replacing the part with sticky notes. Does anyone have an idea? thanks a lot!

Take a look at this Custom HTML Prompt that Googles a selection. Copy anything displayed and paste it into Scrivener.

That pastes the styled text into Scrivener here without resorting to any browser.


@mrpasini Ti ringrazio, è una variante interessante che uso già con BTT perché crea una finestra fluttuante. Ma in questo caso specifico, purtroppo non è quello che sto cercando. Se devo cambiare browser, tanto vale usare Safari. Io uso Vivaldi, che ha molti vantaggi, ma è basato su chrome, motivo per cui si verifica questo problema. Comunque grazie ancora per il tuo suggerimento :slight_smile:

The question remains: Can KM replace the sticky notes part "internally"?

If not, I'll stick with my stupid macro, which at least works. :wink:

I don't think so -- I get the feeling it's the pasting/copying via Stickies that's giving you the RTFD conversion.

Stickies is so light-weight you can leave it running all the time, and your idea to bounce through that is brilliant! I'm shamelessly stealing it for the next time someone complains about not being able to copy "properly" from Chrome (rather than telling them to "Use a proper Mac browser" :wink: ).

Yes, exactly. I've tried a lot of things to figure that out. And when I finally get a good idea in my life, I like to pass it on. :grinning:

I was hoping that recopying/pasting to different KM clipboards would work as well. But it does not. Also typing instead of pasting does not work.... anyway, the macro with sticky works perfectly.

Does KM not have an internal "notebook" to copy/paste that?