Help Needed With Macro For Opening Specific PDF Files

I have a Keyboard Maestro macro set up, part of which is to open some PDF files each day. There are four files in total and at present the macro opens all four of them sequentially. However, I don’t need all four open at once. Some days I only need one of them and on other days two, or at the most, three of them.

I always know in advance which one(s) I need to open. What would be the best way to set up the macro so I could decide whether I wanted to open a particular PDF or not?

I tried using “If Then Else” where, if a modifier key is pressed it opens that PDF. But pressing the modifier has no effect, so I must have got something wrong.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

How are you triggering the macros?

Personally, I'd just create multiple variants of the same macro, give them all the same hot key and appropriate names. Then hit the hot key and select the desired macro (two keystrokes if you choose your names carefully).

You can certainly customize your macro using If Then Else actions and modifier keys, I use this sort of thing to customize various Email snippets if the shift key is pressed.

Thanks Peter. I believe the reason I had the problem was I had them all as If Then Else actions within a macro and no method for triggering them. Having thought about I’m thinking it might be a good idea to create a group with a palette where I can make individual actions for each and then trigger the ones I need. Does that make sense?

You can make a macro group and have it activate/show a palette for one action, and place your macros in there, which lets you specify the hot keys for each of the macro actions, or as I mentioned above, give each macro the same hot key and Keyboard Maestro will effectively create automatic hot keys for you.

Try them out and see which method works best for you.