Help parsing JSON data


I am trying to create a daily monitor, to alert me when API trading for the pair smh_usdt is live on a particular exchange. The monitor macro first gets a URL that contains the trading status for all pairs on the platform, in JSON format, and stores that in a variable XTTradingData. Here is a copy of that data as of today:

My macro attempts to parse this data, and alert me in the case that openapiEnabled is not false.

Here is my a clip of my macro which attempts to set the variable SHMTradingLive to test whether it's false or not.

Unfortunately, this is not working, and was hoping someone here might be able to help.

Thanks so much, in advance.

Just following up my own post, I discovered another post, the solution of which allowed me to solve my own problem here.

I have posted the solution macro below, in case it's of use to anyone else.

Complex JSON Parsing Example.kmmacros (8.3 KB)