Help: Send Notification When CPU Temperature Is Too High

I didn't find a way to get the temperature of the CPU in KM.

Hope to achieve:

When the temperature reaches 60, a notification will be sent.
Like the software below.

Download free SensorX for macOS

Looking forward to a master to help solve it.

I'm not aware of any way for Keyboard Maestro to monitor CPU temperature... but I'm always willing to be proven wrong (especially since I am by no means one of the Keyboard Maestro masters on this forum haha).

I was going to mention iStat Menus but it sounds like you are looking specifically for a way to do it with only Keyboard Maestro.

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Hey @live,

Keyboard Maestro has no built-in means to monitor hardware temperatures.

I myself use iStat Menus as @cdthomer mentioned.

There are apps and scripts that can get this kind of information, and of course Keyboard Maestro can run scripts...

There's a lot of confusion and complexity out there, and I didn't get all that I wanted using some of the standard techniques – but my hardware is old (Mid-2012 MacBook Air).

I installed the command line utility osx-cpu-temp with Homebrew, and that gave me inaccurate information.


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@cdthomer @ccstone
Thank you for your help! Before km can not be realized, I'd better use other software.