Help to create a macro to go back and next page on safari

hi, I'm new in keyboard maestro, and I'm also Italian so sorry for my English. I've been searching for hours and nothing came out for my question : I'm looking for a simple macro that allows me to create a shortcut to go to the previous or next page in safari ( I mean instead of clicking the two arrows in the top left corner to go back and next ) . I know there is a native shortcut for this but it seems it doesn't work for me, can you help me to create a new one ?

Hi @erika92i

There are many ways you can do it.
Trackpad is the most convenient.You do not need a macro to do that.

Safari has keyboard shortcuts to do it. You can simulate hotkeys. But you said it does not work for you?


You can also do a menu click action in KM.

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C'è anche questo. Usa Cmd-> e Cmd-< per saltare avanti e indietro.

Browser Ping Pong Macro (v9.2)

Browser Ping Pong.kmmacros (3.9 KB)


non funziona ma grazie :slight_smile:

I don't have any macros called ''menu history'' or similar. how can I add this main macro ? p.s: I'm using a bluetooth keyboard so I don't have the trackpad ''close'' to me. and the other native shortcuts don't work :frowning:

Como no? L'ho provato, sai. Guarda:


beh può darsi che è perché lo devo usare su una pagina in cui il cursore di scrittura è attivo? cioè aprendosi la pagine il cursore si attiva immediatamente in un riquadro di scrittura, magari è per quello che non va?

Ho appena provato anche quello ed era OK. Forse è questa:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 2.58.56 PM

adesso funziona.. tanto love. grazie di cuore :)))))))))


What I showed above is not a macro but an action. (You must be very clear about what is a macro and what is an action. This distinction is crucial in using Keyboard Maestro). You can create a macro and put this action inside it, set a trigger and you are good to go.

ops, sorry.. I never said I wasn't stupid :grimacing: next time I'll be more clear. good night and thanks a lot