Help with an 'ordinal date' macro

I'm trying to create a macro to insert a natural formatted date.

I've looked here on the forums and the wiki and come up with this below, but as you'll see at the bottom, the ordinal date part (20th) doesn't work.

I wanted it to be formatted like '20th of February, 2018', and I'm hoping it's something simple I've missed (or done wrong).

Change this part:


to this:


And I believe it should work fine.
Also, while you didn't ask for this, I'd suggest simplifying the macro a bit by cutting out the Set Variable actions at the top and going with something like this:

Natural Date.kmmacros (3.2 KB)
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Perfect, thanks a lot!

And yes I meant to ask, if there was a more elegant/efficient way of doing it then even better :blush:

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