Help With Cmd-Shift-G in Audacity Export Process Dialog

Hi, I'm writing a macro to export a file from Audacity. As part of the export process I want to load a template for the mp3 file metadata. It's at this point I can't get KM to use Cmd shift G so I can insert the template location. It does work though if I type it myself on the keyboard. Here are a screencast and my macro.

export-audacity-audio.kmactions (522 Bytes)audacity-export

Hey Dave,

Don't use hard-coded pauses – use the Pause Until action with a button condition.

If that doesn't solve the problem report back.

You're better off using Select or Show a Menu Item actions instead of Type a Keystroke actions when possible – simulated typed keystrokes and keyboard shortcuts have a certain intrinsic fragility and are easier to accidentally interfere with then menu selections.


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Further, I wonder if there is AppleScript (or similar) support in Audacity. Yes, I know it's cross platform so this seems unlikely.

(I occasionally use Audacity but have mostly converted to Ferrite on iPad OS now.)

Zip, zero, and zilch I'm afraid.


Audacity apparently does have scripting and macro support.


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Thanks. I've updated the macro with Pause Until actions. Unfortunately, it's getting stuck at the same point. There is no file menu for loading a metadata template so I decided to try using arrow keys and insert text when the Metadata Tags dialog box appears. It only works sometimes. Here's a video of when it did work.

Audacity Export File Using Insert by Text.kmmacros (13.2 KB)

Hey Dave,

Why aren't you just using the Press a Button action to press [Load...]?

The appended macro works reliably on my macOS 10.12.6 Sierra system with Audacity 3.0.0.

I'm running it from an Audacity Macro Group. If I was running from outside the Audacity context and switching to it I'd use pause-until app is frontmost and pause-until menu item is enabled to manage the switch.


Audacity Export MP3 – Add MetaData by Pasting.kmmacros (18 KB)

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The Press Button action works, but it fails on cmd shift G which I need to select a template location.

Ah, so.

I find that the press-button action works most of the time but fails inexplicably.

Appended is a demo macro that starts with the Edit Metadata Tags Window open and moves through the process of adding tags from a template file.

I had to really pull out the stops to get it to work reliably.

If you want to try it you'll have to replace the screenshots in the found-image actions with ones from your system – the resolution will be different than mine.

Click in the image-well and hit the space-bar to bring up Quick Look, so you can see what I took shots of.

I shouldn't have spent time doing this, but Audacity ticked me off – and I had to beat it into submission. :sunglasses:


Drive the Audacity MP3 MetaData Tags Dialog with a Template v1.00.kmmacros (64 KB)

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Wow, this is awesome. Thank you. It's working for me now. :grinning:

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