Help with cycling between tabs within apps

Hi there.

My perfect setup within Chrome is to use Command+` to switch between browser windows, and Command+Option+ Arrow Left / Arrow Right to cycle back and forward between open tabs in a window.

I'm trying to get the same setup within apps I use that also work with tabs.

For example, Affinity Designer, and Tradingview.

Chrome has (under the tab menu) a lot of inbuilt actions ready for tabs. But Affinity and Tradingview don't, which is maybe why I'm struggling.

I know this is probably a very simple task, but can someone point me in the right direction?

Previous Tab, Next Tab are basically what I need to define and associate with Command+Option+Left Arrow and Command+Option+Right Arrow respectively.


I don't know these apps and I'm not sure I understand your problem. But if they use tabs, then shortcuts should also exist to navigate. You can change these shortcuts as you like. If the tabs are only accessible through a menu, you can try the "Select or Show a Menu Item" action. If that doesn't work either, there is the possibility to click relative to the window or to search for specific text or images.

There is nothing in either app at the menu level that allows you to chose the next or previous tabs, or cycle through open tabs.

Affinity has tabs, but Command+` allows you to flip between them, so in effect it treats tabs as windows. I guess I can reassign that shortcut, but I'm not sure how to go back and forward with Command+Option+ left or right arrows.

Basically, I'm trying to bring into Affinity and Tradingview the same workflow I have in Chrome.

More important to me is Tradingview, which overtly works on the basis of tabs and windows, but again, nothing in any menu to allow you to cycle between tabs, but the app is basically forked from a browser-based interface, so I think it should work much like Chrome does.

You can see in the attached screenshot the tabs at the top of this window.

I want to be able to go back and forward between them using Command+Option+ left or right arrow.

Obviously I can mouse click, but I want to be able to stay on the keyboard.

I meant KM clicks for you when you press a shortcut. But there must be a better way.

Sure, but it needs a menu, a shortcut or something else in Tradingview that triggers the tab switch. Are you sure there is nothing? Sorry I can't try because I don't have the app.

Is there a tool bar with buttons?

There's nothing. Or nothing defined in any menu.

is that of any help

No, that's something different. A multichart is multiple small panes within one tab. You can natively cycle between these. I'm talking about moving across open tabs within a window.

Their webpage is not very helpful, but they have a "help center" maybe you ask there. :man_shrugging:

So if it's not defined as a menu item, KM cannot interact with it, or at least I cannot figure out how to create what I want because it's not defined in the app?

It seems a simple thing, to just cycle left and right between open tabs, but maybe it's not possible.

I'm sure others know more than I do, but if there is no menu, no button and no shortcut, it will be difficult to automate something.

What I would do, if there is really nothing better, is to determine the middle width of a tab and then use click actions (shortcuts) to access the individual tabs.

Yeah. The trouble is that the number of tabs in a window can vary.

Can you search for the close tab buttons and shift the click action left X number of pixels?

I don't entirely follow your difficulty, but is it something that Witch could help with, instead of trying to solve it with KM?